About VidyoCloud

What does an organization need more in this age, despite a growing workforce? Better collaboration, with productive results. Today’s workforce is becoming more dispersed or remote. To hire new talent, organizations have to think out-of-the-box and welcome individuals from remote regions. VidyoCloud is the perfect solution to instantly connect the mobile and on-premise workforce, and hence reduce traveling time and expense.

VidyoCloud empowers organizations to immediately setup video collaboration, but without sacrificing the quality, flexibility and affordability.
Powered by Cloud technology, VidyoCloud doesn’t put any strain on an organization’s resources. More importantly, due to its advance interoperability feature, meetings can be setup and conducted virtually on any device.

Offering extreme video definition at 4K and 5K, VidyoCloud delivers organizations the most amazing virtual meetings experience. Perhaps, what makes VidyoCloud more cost-effective solution for a business is its easy scalability, i.e., you can deploy only features and functionalities that you need and scale them as you grow.

VidyoCloud is the future of business collaboration, be one of the firsts to become a part of the future. Try VidyoCloud today!

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